Berry Picking

Well known for their rich culture, Inuit rely on the produce of the land.  Arctic char, lake trout, caribou and other arctic wildlife are
regularly hunted for food as well as for raw materials such as fur, skin, antlers...  Country food is a regular diet amount Inuit in Nunavik.

Locally crafted traditional tools and garments are made and used as needed; they can also be purchased at the Hunter's Support office.  High quality products for retail can also be found in a few specialty stores throughout Nunavik.  Detailed master pieces of soap stone carvings can be purchased at the local Co-op store.

The seasons in the north are harsh but some days can have a spiritually enriching effect because of their silent beauty.  The long cold winters feature crystal clear northern lights and crisp sunsets.  In spite of the cold, warm igloos can be built by our skilled hunters, and their light illuminates the night horizon with glowing magnificence.
Inukjuak, Nunavik, Quebec

Inukjuak is located on the north shore of the Inuksuak River on the east coast of Hudson Bay.  Inuit, and other nomadic cultures before them, have inhabited this area for thousands of years.  Evidence of Inuit habitation is found in the many archaeological sites spotted around Inukjuak.  Our population consists of 1,406 Affiliated Inuit plus approximately 80 non-aboriginal support staff currently filling various positions such as in the medical and educational fields.

Once called Port Harrison, Inukjuak was first used as a fur trading post for Revillon Freres, between 1909 and 1936, as well as the Hudson's Bay Company from 1920 to 1958.  This is where the film Nanook of the North was shot by Robert Flaherty in 1922.  After the opening of a nursing station and a school (1947 and 1950, respectively), more Inuit moved to the settlement, although until the early 1960s, the majority of the population lived in at least six large camps distributed along the coast, both north and south of the current village.  Nowadays, Inukjuak is one of the larger communities with approximately 1,500 inhabitants, 70% of which are aged less than 30 years old. 

The Hopewell Islands that shelter the coast of Inukjuak reflect the great beauty of the region.  The area has high peaking hills to the south with fresh water flowing in the rivers and islands lush in arctic vegetation to the north.  Delicate sparkling beauty can describe the hills and rivers that surround the area.
Poster Photos (C) David Rouault
Igloos at Night (C) David Rouault
Community Attractions

Inukjuak has the only Inuit museum in Nunavik: the Daniel Wetaluktuk Memorial Museum and Cultural Transmission Center.  Inside, you will find tools, arts and crafts, garments and other artifacts depicting Inuit history and technology.  Stories of Inuit past are revealed in this museum that opened in 1992.  The Municipality of Inukjuak operates it, in collaboration with the Avataq Cultural Institute, whose head office is located in Inukjuak, overlooking the beautiful Hopewell Islands and the Hudson Bay.
Community Events

Throughout the year there are activities and festivities held within the community.  During the summer and early fall season the community boat sets off to harvest fresh sea food and other country food for the community to enjoy.  Dog team races and igloo-building competitions can also be witnessed during the winter.

Coordinated excursions can be organized for you with the help of the Municipality and Pituvik Landholding Corporation.  Igloo building, kayaking, Honda ATV or bicycle rides along trails, cross country Skiing, dog team or canoe rides, berry picking or Paragliding along Hopewell Islands or Inukshuak River are all activities you can enjoy in Inukjuak.  Those interested in touring the eco-system can be assigned a tour guide (Oldest Rock in the World Tour, Tourist Camp inland, etc.)  If you are interested in hunting or fishing, the Pituvik Landholding Corporation can deliver a fishing or hunting permit for the region and assign a local guide to bring you to prize fishing or hunting grounds.* 
Co-op Hotel

Your accommodation in Inukjuak could be a tent or an igloo out on the land with local experienced guides; or you might prefer the Co-op 3-star hotel.  Equipped with cable television, cable internet, private washrooms, and other amenities, the Co-op hotel can accommodate tourists with adventure in mind or who want to simply enjoy the peace and quiet of tundra splendor.
Daniel Wetaluktuk Memorial Museum and Cultural Transmission Centre
Inukjuak CO-OP Hotel
Community Events
(*Fishing and hunting season according to Pituvik Landholding Corporation calendar.)  Note that the possession of a provincial fishing or hunting permit is mandatory in order to pursue those activities.  contact Pituvik Landholding Corporation for more information.

Spring in Inukjuak is always exciting with migratory birds filling the sky and the land.  The Inuksuak River reveals it's tremendous power with the flowing, colliding and breaking of the river ice.  As the tundra slowly transforms and melts its outer shell, a short summer blooms with sparkling clarity.  Alone the tundra in the late summer months you can find field berries flourishing such athe delicious blueberries, black berries, red berries and the well-known cloudberries or arpik in Inuttitut.  Crisp river waters flow from fresh lakes inhabited by many species or waterfowl, fish and other arctic wildlife.  Fierce and challenging cast-fishing in the late summer or early fall can also be entertaining during the spawning season for those fishing enthusiasts in the numerous lakes found near Inukjuak.  Local contests are held annually with huge lake trout caught at lengths of over 30 inches.

Many enjoy the spectacular scenery from the ATV trails that have recently been renewed following the river upstream from the community and also up the coast northward.s
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