Incorporated January 30, 1979 Pituvik holds title to 521 sq. km. on lands classified as Category I.  These lands are held by Pituvik on behalf of the Inukjuaqmiut beneficiaries of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement (JBNQA).  In this holding capacity Pituvik has the right to allow people and organizations to use these lands and for that use is allowed to charge compensation.  We also maintain a beneficiary list on behalf of all Inukjuakmiut.

Anyone wishing to occupy any lands is required to enter into a land lease arrangement.  Business partnerships for economic development may also be formed with us with the stipulation that Pituvik be the majority owner.

We build emergency shelters for use by local hunters and trappers and sponsor many cultural activities and sporting events.  We are also an outfitter and anyone wishing to hunt and fish must obtain a local license in addition to any necessary provincial licenses.
Inukjuak (C) David Rouault
Fishing in Inukjuak (C) David Rouault
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The powers and responsibilities of the Landholding Corporations (LHC's) are defined in different laws*, the main one being Act respecting the Land Regime in the James Bay and New Quebec Territories (Q.R.S., Ch. R-13.1)

The Inuit Landholding Corporations are the legal entities to which ownership of category 1 lands has been transferred to own said lands on behalf of all Inuit beneficiaries affiliated with the community.

The LHC's were incorporated as non-profit corporations and as such must also comply with the Quebec Company Act.  Being a non-profit organization does not
prevent LHC to enter into income-generating activities such as land leasing per example.  On the other hand, its members can never individually receive money or other financial benefits from LHC.  The LHC has an obligation towards the entire community and must use its assets and spend its money for community purposes only.  (Land Holding Corporations are Non-Government Organizations (NGO))

* Act respecting the Land Regime in the James Bay and New Quebec Territories
(Q.R.S., Ch. R-13.1)
Act respecting hunting, fishing and trapping in the James Bay and New Quebec Territories
(Q.R.S., Ch. D-13.1)
Act respecting Cree, Inuit and Naskapi native persons
(Q.R.S., Ch, A-33.1
The Inuit landholding corporation may grant, to any person, servitudes, usufructuary rights and other rights of use and occupation and leases on Category 1 lands.

Category II Lands

LHC's also have role and responsibilities over Category II lands, even if these lands remain by definition in the public domain.

LHC's also have important responsibilities under the Hunting, Fishing and Trapping Regime established by chapter 24 of the JBNQA.  That situation is linked to the fact that Inuit have exclusive hunting, fishing and trapping rights over Category I and II lands.  As a rule, non-natives cannot sport hunt or sport fish within Category I or II lands without the formal consent of LHC.
Sport Hunting and
Sport Fishing
LHC's have control regarding access by non-Inuit for sport hunting and sport fishing purposes within Category I and II lands.  There are numerous and frequent demands from sport hunters and sport fishermen.
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Avataq Cultural Institute
Makivik Corporation
Nunavik Tourism Association
La Federation des Cooperatives du Nouveau Quebec
Category I Lands

LHC's are responsible for the administration of Category 1 lands as owner of said lands and they must administer them in accordance with the rules contained in the JBNQA and the Land Regime Act. 

Category I lands shall not be sold or ceded except to the Crown in right of Quebec and this obligation constitutes a prohibition to sell or to cede other than to the Crown in right of Quebec.
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